I fall, I break, and I learn.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

 (photo credits to LeahTeng Photography)

Another tough month, April.

Things weren't really good lately. But life still goes on.

I only have 3 hours class every week, so I'm resume back to work, to continue build my career & trying to achieve my goal & bring my dream to life.

Started a new job this month, hopefully I'll be able to do it well.

Resumed back my previous job, hopefully I'll be able to achieve my target.

Yes, I'm having two careers. Hehe :)

Ain't that busy lately but stuffed with appointments & handling some personal stuff.

Learnt a lot recently by just meeting people, catching up with friends. That's what I love to do, socializing.

(photo credits to LeahTeng Photography)

I need a break, I think I had a lil. But not too much, because I had enough.

The fire is back, hopefully it'll last longer this time.

I'm 23, but I'm chasing my dream.

I may be lost, but it wont take long.

I've said so much but with no action. It mean nothing at all.

Taking the fire, hoping it'll be able to sparkle it up, burn 'em all, & amazing fireworks in the sky up there.


Been clubbing almost every weekend for about 4 weeks continuously with my women. I call it crazy, I don't club, never in to it, special occasions are exception. Time to stop for a while. I'm hell tired, haha .. like I'm getting old.

Been drinking very much lately other than clubbing, as usual. Alcoholic ain't a crime. It's something very common in life now. Hehe ..

Shall stop crapping, will be back soon :)

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