And it was just part of the history.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

 Dear readers, been ... not-that-super-busy recently. It's mid of May, nothing much has done but still working hard on it. 

If you followed my instagram, I've been into coffee quite often for the past two weeks. Not sure if I'm addicted or I just love the lifestyle. 

I work hard, not just play hard, I barely club, I love to chill. I love chilling, relaxing lifestyle. Especially when I'm stress, you'll probably see me at some chilling cafe or peaceful bar having my drinks. Haha. 

Oh, not forget to mention I enjoy my lifestyle anytime and anywhere I want. :) You're welcome to join me with my lifestyle, buzz me :) 

Something good happened on the beginning of May. One of my friend has just got married. :) Congratz & proud of him. 

Attended his wedding on 3rd May. We met since 2 years back, he's a year younger than me, & he's now a gentleman-husband. Proud of him, he has grown to be a better person. 

and me? officially single on the same day :) No worries, I'm cool with it. I've got better things to fight for. I don't need anyone to give the lifestyle I want, I build, I create my own lifestyle. :) Less burden, less drama. 

I know what I need, not just a typical man. But a man, that..  ;) No hurry, being single is cool for a person like me. Haha. 

Krabi trip was okay, wasn't that excellent but nah, just another trip.

So so in love with beach & bikinis. I've bought 3 new bikinis. Haha .. Beaches & Bikinis, B&B, my new addictions. LOL. 

Yea, slightly turned a tone darker. Feels great. 

I like sunset but I'd prefer sunrise even better. I'd rather waking hell up in the damn early morning to wait for it. One of the biggest motivation for me. :) 

then life, still goes on. Move on, new life.. :)

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