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Monday, October 27, 2014

Hi folks, just happened to read blogs & came to my own blog, realized the last post was in May.
There were few times I was attempted to crap some stuff here but just like what my friends said, I have nothing to write about.. It means my life been sucky uh. ):

Not so sure if I'm doing good recently, & questions are back again such as like, Am I still who I am(was)?

Answer is .. I don't actually know, people told that, I'm probably hiding who I was & trying to be another (better) me or whatsoever. I'm not sure. I'm basically used with the current me but I'd say, it depends on what. In terms of, career? personality? life? or .. relationship?

It's been bothering me and I do realize, I never dare to ask for the thing I want anymore, or be the one I want to be anymore. Too many things awaiting me ahead to get it done, or probably I pressured myself with self-high-expectations too much. Uh, I hate feeling so lost at some time.

But I'm still proud to say I'm happy with what I have now & things I do.

Let's cut this off.

Crazily joined Puma Night Run 2014 yesterday 25th Oct in Setia Alam.

I took the risk by not training in about 3months+ .. It was crazy yet enjoyed very much. Throughout the run, it motivated me and my mind was running through a lot of stuff. hehh.. Anyway, 10km in 1h22m :)

So something I'm proud to share with y'all is that, my newly joined team - International Property Club (IPC) in Jazzcapital. :) I'm always proud to tell people I'm a Jazzcapitalist & IPC member .. IPC mainly focus in Australia, London & Singapore properties. Do buzz me or inbox me if you'd like to know more :)

Lately we just had a gathering, not all attended due to personal reason but still most of us were together.

You probably see there're just the few of us, we have in total of 12 members with 1 ladyboss. & IPC only allow quality selected people. Whoops. :D
Anyway, Always a great time with them <3 Oh, the theme of the gathering night is pajamas, it means family being together under the same shade. :)

But what I want to share is that, we had a very memorable trip in Melbourne. 65% for work (site/projects viewing) and 35% was to have fun. Basically we had fun most of the time la. haha.

 Hehh, just me pretending to be cool.

Us in the house living hall. :) Rented a landed house in York St, Richmond. More to a vietnamese place.

Loving this group photo at Maidstone viewing The Grove townhouse project by R Corp.

Not forget to mention that our meeting with Mr William Chen, Chairman of Jalin Realty in Melbourne 55 Colllins which is us Jazzcapital partnership with. A very nice & friendly man :)

It was a 7D6N trip in Melbourne. I swear I'll work hard & make sure myself travel there once a year or alternate year & will definitely migrate/buy a property there when I can afford in future. :)

After the trip, we're back to reality & I'm happy to back to work again because ...

My achievement/graduation in SDU5 (Special Duty Unit) by Jazzcapital :)

Probably not the best result but I'm qualified in the challenge, at least.

One of the platform that allows you to do better in your career and achieve your dream/goal in Jazzcapital. :)

It's my second time joining this platform training & glad I did much better than the first time. Never give up & just keep doing it.

Time to speed up myself to achieve more and more in life. Now is not the time to enjoy, efforts will paid off one day, soon!

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