Friday, February 07, 2014

Hello lovelies. It's Friday, Day 8th of CNY. Hope you're having a great week there.

It's been extremely hot out there since the first day of new year, it gives me massive headache for few days. I'm sensitive to sunny hot sun, I can barely stay outside under the sun or even in the car with direct sunlight, I'll either get massive headache after that for 2 days or my body temperature will goes up. Tsk.

My CNY has been average, not very festive. It's day 8th worship god, called 拜天公 (bai tian gong) in mandarin. Still not sure if it only applies to certain culture like hokkien, cause my family don't celebrate it as we're teow chew, we usually go to my mom's side as they are hokkien for praying.

Watch The Monkey King, I'd say it is very much rather disappointed than Ah Beng. Too much of computerized throughout the movie. Highly not recommended movie I'd say.

So many movies haven't watch, only watched 3 movies in this CNY. :( I miss my movie marathon. hehe.

Had an early birthday celebration for Mom due that me & aunt won't be around on her actual day. Had dinner at Kampachi for her celebration. I'd actually expected more from Kampachi but it kind of a disappointment. Their foods are nice but Zanmai, Rakuzen, Hokkaido would do much better job than Kampachi.

Well, thankfully the rest of my CNY days are fully occupied. Will blog about it :)


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