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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bello! A week more before my last sem begin. lots of sigh when I think about it. I'd have graduated early of the year if I did not deferred my studies for a year. =/

Was working for Dell roadshow in low yat for the past weekends. Easy & fun job. It was Dell's lowyat outlet grand opening. Mainly my job was just to distributes flyers with 3 colleagues.

I wanna get a new hair color, was thinking of gold blonde. But still deciding cus like finally I'm back to darker tone, hair looks much healthier now. #dilemma

V, my girlfie is soon leaving to UK for studies and back to SG after grad and work. Wont be seeing her for long, gotta pay her a visit when she's back to SG or wait for her to come back to M'sia during her summer break. Still thinking what to get her as a BFF farewell gift. Gonna miss her so much.

Mind went blank, it's been so long since I last wrote a random post. I really miss those days i can just have craps in my mind and write a post anytime. But not anymore now =/ It's like, I must have a topic to write a blog post.

I wanna go for swimming so badly. I love swimming, it feels so great & relax after swimming.

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