#freelancelife - Danisa Cookies & Honda Mobile Roadshow

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Random post of my freelances. Worked the past weekend, from Thurs - Sun, two different jobs.

Kopiko launching event on the Thursday at Aloft KL Sentral. I worked for Danisa Cookies. Everyone's favorite I suppose? I'm not really a butter cookie love, cus it somehow taste too typical butter or milky sometimes, I don't like Milk. But this taste were fine, still not my favorite. It's a European brand if im not wrong & from the royal. I don't really remember, so cut the crap.

My costume for my job, so nice. I always loving disney princesses' dresses, they are beautiful.

 Remember Choki Choki? Everyone's childhood favorite, noms noms!
Oh, & the princess says Hi :D I miss the dress. Hehh..

It was a pretty much easy job, you only have to serve the guests with Danisa Cookies and working hour was quite short. Hoping to work event like this again :)

Move on to Fri - Sun job, it was a job I've confirmed a month ago. Honda Mobile Roadshow at Alamanda Putrajaya. Other than sepang, this is my 2nd time working hell far away. Haha, but work, you have no choice.

Pretty much simple job, asking customers to do a survey and giving out free gifts. Didnt manage to take a group picture with the girls .

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