Jay Chou 2013 Opus World Tour

Sunday, August 11, 2013

 A week late for this.

It was Jay Chou 2013 Opus World Tour at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil. 02 - 04 August, I went for the last show, 04 August. So excited!!

Long awaited for his world tour after since 2011 World Tour. Big big love to Jay. Hehe .. I remember I spend a real huge fortune on his previous tour in 2011. I decided not to spend much on this tour, I'm so broke now. It's so hard to held back that day, seeing all his merchandises, big love! So I only spend for the glow stick, fan, & a T-shirt with his head & name printed on. Hehe ..

Spotted quite alot of his fans wearing his 2011 Tour edition T-shirt, so am I :D We arrived there around 5pm +, his show started around 8pm+.

 We were the first few early bird into the stadium, thank you Sogo for the privilege pass. :D To avoid squeezy when the entrance opened. :)

 & the show started around 830pm. The security were very strict, no recording, no dslr. So I can only take photos with my iPhone4s as I don't have a good camera. ):

This kick started the show :)

Took alot photos and here're some, thought it's very bad quality. I promised to get a good camera before his next tour in 2015! :D

 It's the song "Secret". Love this shot.

 He looks super super cute, adorable, extremely good, handsome ...... in this outfit!!!

It was him with his piano, a must have in his every tour.

This background is so beautiful!

From the movie, Rooftop, Cindy Yuen Yong Ling as the special guest, along with one of the member from Nan Quan Mama & Darren. He sang quite a few of the movie's soundtracks. <3 <3 <3

 Luckily I managed to get this shot! Though it blurred cause it's too fast, but it's fine, atleast I got it & it wasnt that bad la hor =/

Jay Chou, big big love to you <3 Overall, I just can't forget how awesome it was & how it melted me throughout the night. <3 <3 <3

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