#burgermoment : Killer Gourmet Burger, Bangsar Jalan Telawi 2

Friday, August 02, 2013

Le boyfie always a burger lover, & burger never in my food list. After since together, we don't really go for burgers. I even don't really take McDonald's burger, unless I really need to be filled, otherwise only nuggets. But we do dine Carl's Jr. once a while, cause I can't be prohibiting banning him from his favorite stuff.

So yea, slowly, till lately, Im kind of got into burger and went to googled for nice burgers in town. I forgot from where I found there's this top 5 burgers in town. So we went to the fifth one, slowly to the top 1. 

Yeap, Killer Gourmet Burger has rated top 5 (Fifth) in the internet. Located at 23, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar. Just opposite La Bodega if im not mistaken. It's a joint restaurant. 


As you can see, the restaurant is really small but it's filled with customers. We didnt manage to get seats even the outdoor. They serve Chicken & Beef only. 

You can choose any of your preference with chicken or beef. Add on RM5.50 for a drink & choice of fries (Herbed, Carjun, Salt & Pepper)

Animal Style (Beef) for me. With Grilled beef, mustard grilled, sharp cheddar, caramelized onions & shack sauce. Matches with Herbed Fries & Sprite. I was actually ordered chicken but the staff mistaken beef for me, luckily I'm fine with beef. Too bad boyfie had to stop beef for a year. :p

Bella Bomb Tower with chicken for boyfie. Filled with Grilled Chicken, 2xPortobello w/ triple stuffed cheese and shack sauce. Matches with Carjun Fries & Coke. 

I'd say both taste really good, the meat is soooo juicy & it melts in your mouth. Slrrrrrrp! But I'll prefer Bella Bomb Tower because I love burgers with Portobello. Yummms! 

They actually heat up the stead molded with KGB their logo & stamped on the bun. 

RM47.80 for 2. I'd say it's a lil pricey but it worth a try :) & we both will definitely go for second visit someday :) 

Imma end the post with some selca pics. Hehh

The fatty. 

Killet Gourmet Burger
23, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru
(60) 3 - 220 - 11 - 220
(Delivery service is available for bangsar area only)

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