#foodtalkwithfatty : Menya Musashi Ramen

Monday, July 29, 2013

Super orangy me -.-

We were told that there's this really nice ramen in One Utama Isetan. We both love eating & we always hunt for yummy food, but we listed 'em instead cause we're too broke now. Haha ..

 Menya Musashi? I think that's the name, mandarin says 麵屋武藏, urm direct translate will be like some wushu hidden in the ramen.. blahhhh ..

This is the only menu. The ramen comes with 4 soup base. White, Black, Red, & .... Brown? Miso actually. Haha..

 I had the white.
He had the black.

Both taste good, but I still prefer the white one.

 The ramen taste just so good. I tasted a few ramen & it's too soft like some soft dough or over cooked. But this ramen cooked just right, it's doink doink (bouncy i mean).

This pork sliced nicely & it's a big piece with good texture. I like eating just like this, without any additional seasoning.

 There's chili flakes & fried garlic. I've added a spoon of fried garlic & it taste good :)
It's pepper, different types of pepper.

I'd say it's really tasty & as far we've tried, this is the best. I'll recommend to my friends & family, perhaps a second visit, But .....

I think it's a bit over priced, yes no?

Oh, not forget to mention that we enjoy "listening" the kitchen when they are preparing the ramen, there're sound effects. "hak hak" . hahahaha ..

They have quite a number of these japanese wushu posters on their surrounding walls.

Well, do drop by if you like ramen. But we both might not go for second visit unless we get someone to treat us (muahahahaha), we are just too poor for this price ):

It's inside of Isetan, 2nd floor One Utama New Wing.

I think he really has the puppy eyes. Hahaha ..

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