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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

 A day out with the girls & guys in KL Bukit Bintang. Was supposed to go for Beauty Fair in PWTC, I never been to beauty fair cause it always clashed my schedules & finally I managed to have time for it, & it says only for traders. NOT FOR PUBLIC. I was like, !@#$%^&* So we off to Pavilion instead.

Top row we have Cara, (A friend of Vivian from SG), Vivian & Joe. Bottom Row we have Me :D , Kulala & Elvi.

Had Zanmai for lunch :) This is just part of the orders. Hehhh! Shopping time after lunch. Money fly ~
Some pictures taken in Zanmai, didnt manage to picture with Cara =/

Fish eye effect from Cara's

Headed to Ben's for dinner a.k.a late tea time. I miss their red velvet. It's been so long since i last went there, I love Ben's, their foods taste good with reasonable price, also a nice place to chill with friends with awesome cakes :)

We ordered fries, 3 types of cakes, salad, mushroom soup. It's Rocky Road cake & Tiramisu in the picture. Yummy yummy :) Owh, and Berry lemonade.

It was a nice hangout with them, fun & enjoyable. :) Money flew like tap water ..

Price range of all items are only rm19.90-rm59! I love spending big buck with more items, rather than big buck with only one item. Unless I can print money with my ass. Haha -___- Sales everywhere, just cant resist it! =O

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