#Freelancelife - MBO Media Launch

Friday, July 05, 2013


Was working for MBO Media Launch last night at Alof Mai Bar, KL Sentral. Our dress code were super heros. 2 Wonder woman, 1 Spider Man & 7 Cat women. Job scopes are simple, ushering & mingle around. :) It's a closed private event.

Awesome? Hahahaha, my diet plan never stop failing, I know I should get those fats off. Haha! Freelances has became part of my life, worked for 4 years & keep counting. Majority of the freelancers are students. That's where we can earn our extra pocket money. & that's the common reason of working freelances. But apart from earning $$$, I like working freelances is because I get to know more new friends & that's actually another happening life apart from events & parties. For my own opinion, freelances are the simplest job & in the same time you get to play around during work & have fun. Isn't it? Back to topic.

Meowing last night, it was just MBO cinema some media launching event. Cocktails & freeflow drinks were served last night, only invited guests.

Picture time :)

Apparently, am the shortest again. As always. & the chubbiest. Hahaha!

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