#Freelancelife - Samsung Roadshow

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ola! Late blog post. Was working for Samsung Roadshow in Midvalley on the past weekend from 18 - 21 July. It was for Chelsea FC Match vs Malaysia. Simple job but tiring tho, haha ..

There was this huge screen with few Chelsea Legend Players. (Me no Chelsea fans, No idea who are they) There's this camera on top of the screen. This thingy called the Augmented Reality, developed by this Korean Group.

There were 4 different types of game available for the AR. & Here's one me demonstrated (I actually demonstrated all games & one of my colleague recorded this, lol)

Hahah, i know, macam some attention seeker or some syok sendiri sial. & that's the only was to win prizes yo. For those who dropped by, probably know that there'r Chelsea's Mini Soccer ball & Grand Stand Ticket worth RM308 given out. 

Me not a fans of Chelsea but just for collection la. :)

Aha! Randome Candid from my colleague of me using this Samsung don't know what tablet. Was calling someone with it, this tablet was huge enough to cover my big fat face. LOL

Some group photos with the Korean Client & Samsung Staff :)

Haaa..... gonna be jobless this coming week :( How sad. Me need moneyyyyyyyyyy! 

 Ending the post with my act cute attention seeker selca. Xoxo

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