& you just have to keep moving on, - September

Monday, September 02, 2013

Last weekend of August & I decided not to take any job. Partied with boyfie's gang on the Friday night, Merdeka Eve & also for a friend's birthday. Was supposed to head down to Zouk on Saturday with girlfie but period hit coincidently, home at last.

Things aren't going smooth for the whole damn week, it was bad & tough week. AGAIN. Oh August. Here comes September, please be good to me. *pray hard*. Overall for the past 8 months, 244 days in 2013 weren't really good for me. Sigh. So many things happened. Driving me crazy.

Last sem of my final year has begun since last week. Throughout was all good not until the last day class of the week, Thursday. Biggest joke ever happened in life & forced to miss all classes. What a huge mistake can it be, & ended huge disaster. Gosh. Really tough week I had. Weekend wasn't that good, so so.

New month ahead, 3 more months left. I haven't really achieve a thing. Instead, pressure even more. Anyhow, new month with new plan. Hoping it works. Ugh, no collapsing allowed this year, gotta keep fighting. Filled my two weekends of September with jobs as usual. Haven schedule for October yet, gotta get it done soon.


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