Friday, September 13, 2013

Bello, blink of an eye, it's Friday here and it's gonna be another freelancing weekend. Fully scheduled for my Sept weekends. Last week was We Love Asia, kinda fun but was worked for MyTeksi.

An average week. Studies were fine, stress as always. Final Year Project gonna due in 2months time, only 1/3 done and another 2/3 still stressing for it. 5 more assignments. I wish I'm good in words to describe my feelings. Love reading Daphne Charice's Blog, she can always describe her feelings in details with words. & all I can do is just chuck all feelings in heart. Suck. Getting the habit to shut all in myself which I'd prefer to split 'em out in words like I used to last time. I couldn't even blog randomly with craps which I used to do back then, even now in assignments, I can't think of words. Gosh, getting bad in writing (though it never be good).

Gonna work for the following ... 10 days freelances. What to do, gotta earn. *self shoot* Girlfie leaving to UK for good in less than a week time. So much to say about her. Ahhhh, sad.

Empty schedule for October, not a good thing. Gotta start hunting jobs. Student life, :( Why am I not enjoying my student life anymore? Really miss my old bunch of friends, been with them for like almost 3 years. Really miss those days with them, how we smashed someone's car with ice-cream, jokes together, cheating & helping each other on assignments, chilling & blowing water during break, studied together at the mamak early morning before exam, & stuff ... Oh yes, I admit I really do regret deferring my study. Should have not deferred and graduate with them. That would be much more meaningful.

Hardly talk to people now with the current batch of friends, it's like, they've been a group for years & I'm like some random strange kid appeared out of no where and irresponsible skipped classes in previous sem then caused a gap between. Well, it never be hard for me to make friends but depend of what kind of situation and always have this traumatic thing due to some pasts. Ugh. Really wish could get along with them though I'm kinda of the alone person but com'on, it's a student Uni life. Cannot imagine I'm ending up alone knowing no one on my graduation.

Final Year Project is totally stressing me up, like so much. I'm very bad in my major and totally lost passions & interests in it, has became part of the reason of skipping class. But well, I don't want to mention the main reason causing me to skipped classes. I cant take stresses, too much. & have to attend 1 - 1 classes especially on those subject I'm really really bad in it. At least back then I have like 3 of us in this course but now i'm alone in the course. Felt so helpless. But conclusion, I still don't enjoy my student life that much after since focusing so much on working out for life & after deferment. The only thing I enjoy in student life is that I can take an off day anytime ;p agree no? whatever. Hard life. Tough much. Every girl's dream, to married a billionaire & dont have to do anything. LMAO.

Something touches my feeling that day, reminding how I've been left out from my N-years BFF. Not that I got left out but, how far we've been apart from. I never stop missing them, anyhow, life still goes on. Everyone has grown with our own lives. Well. Goodnight to whoever is reading this. :) Xoxo

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