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Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's end of September. Time flies, as always. Stressing again with all the assignments & projects datelines in the month of Nov. Some has begun some not. Dramas all around recently, the ups & downs. As usual, hoping for a better tomorrow :)

As I mentioned earlier, baby girl flew off to UK. About a year plus. Did a hand made photo frame for her with a short essay message at the back with my bad hand writing.

We don't meet nor talk often, but we never forget to share stuff to each other :) I barely have a real girlfriend. She's one of 'em, my dearest girlfriend :) She's can be very good, & very naughty at the same time. Hehe .. She stays with me, after seeing the real me, the ugly me, the stupid me. -__- Thank you hun for all the supports though we only be friends for just a year or two. not too long. but friend is about quality. :)

Our last yum cha, a day before she left. Met up for only less than 45mins. Ofcourse, i made it to sent her off at the air port. hehe ..

So much to spend, can hardly save now a days. All the debts & fees. No, I don't simply spend anymore. Those are old debts & finally cleared. Jobs are getting lesser. As far now there's no job in October, which is not a good thing. No income. Trips lining up in December, I can't be jobless ): But assignments are chasing my ass off. Imma super woman. Haha ..

Bought two of these cute lil balls. EOS Lip Balm. Well known in overseas. It's from UK or US. I don't remember,  I get 'em from Italia De Shoppe. It work not bad for me, I bought summer fruit (red) & strawberry sorbet (pink). Summer fruit smells better & sweeter, strawberry sorbet smells .. nothing? LOL. Quite smooth & moisture but I don't like that when after it dries, it gives me a thin layer of dead skin on my lips. Maybe different people comes with different result. It's cheap. You may want to give a try if you're the type of person that always has dry lips.Anyhow, I still prefer my Fresh Sugar lip treatment with SPF protect :) Will share about it next time.

Urging to swim, job & cycle recently. The outdoor activity mood is back. Gotta arrange time for it. Does anyone know any nice pool out there where I can swim for free? Something like public pool, but make sure it's clean & good hygiene. Do let me know if you know any :)

Vainpot sikit before end :)


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