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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello peeps, im not updating my blog frequently anymore. like once or twice a week, i know imma sucky blogger, as always.

After Jay's concert and Bday, the both fun day, imma back to presentations and assignments days. Finally i left one and only assignment which will be due on 25th Mar, but disasters not ending yet, i still have two presentations tomorrow. I feel guilty for not participating much in group assignment, the very first time in my entire life. Sorry ): My bad, my fault. I only did 5% of the entire work, sigh. I feel so !@#$%^&* idk, imma getting suck-ier, tsk!

Exams are in 2 weeks time, 29,31,4,6,8 . sucks, kinda worried tho. I have 5 subject for each sem in yr1 . im going yr2 in 2months time, omg. time flies, im finishing yr1 degree in 3 weeks time. ):

so yea, my life is doing so-far-so-good. met up with some old friends on last saturday night, kinda happy seeing them after so long (: hanged out with gf jeanie on last saturday noon for lunch and some catch up (:

Yes, all gifted by the sweetie sapo. thanks babe, no more next time kay, you makes me feel so guilty for getting you so lil stuff yet you always gift me a big pack ><

i am so blur recently, idk why. i can just stun and stare at a thing and my mind goes blank -.- and i couldnt event sleep well, idk why -.- dreams kept disturbing me, and make me yawn like no body business and then i feel dizzy and tired like i've carried hundreds of big sand pack. lol. not forget and will never gonna forget that i dreamed Jay on the saturday & sunday morning, OMG! *slap slap* XD i probably think too much of him, hahaha. his songs play everyday in my room. :D *peace* ^^v

I am so broke after his concert, was wanted to sell out his limited edition stuff that i've bought, but now i mm seh dak so i rather broke and hardcore apply job now. ): kinda miss those days that i kept hardcore applying job and those freelance days (: it remind me of you btw, how are you?

Hopefully my toes are getting better cause the right one got infected, i ate abit of eggs in past weeks. now swollen and pain and bleed abit and got the green watery thingy, wtv idk what it call. Sigh it not gonna getting better, my job applications gotta strike off ): Boo jieyi!

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