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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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A random post, i really feels like blogging yet i've got nothing in mind of what to blog about. =/
It's buffer week and exams on next week, 29, 31, Mar & 4, 6, 8, Apr . First paper on 29th and im completely no confident in it at all, ): because it's the one and only module i never pay attention at all, screw! Gotta hardcore studying, but on the other hand, i still have assignment due on this friday and i've only done  only 10% of the overall documentation. :( waiting for groupmate to send me details and squeezing my brain juice while waiting.

The weather is so warmy and nice every morning recently. Because it keep raining throughout the night, and everyday!

Feel so down these days because my right toe got infected since last two weeks. ): sigh, Big sigh sigh. Gotta back to hos to see doctor soon, tsk. Days are so boring, home home home, and no money to go out! damnit ): i only have rm5 in my purse which already lasted me for 4days, because im home all the time so thankgod i dont have to use a buck, plus bi always treat me lunch when i see him (: ngekk !

So sad, daddy advice me not to take japanese food & sashimi for some time due to the radiation, ): but im craving for western recently, and im craving for bubuchacha now! Mummy just finish her work and she said she'll try to da bao for me if the stall is still open. (: awwww <3

Keep playing Kenny G's music for more than 2 hours after my dinner, i just feel like listening to music like this and i have this impulse and feeling to learn saxophone since a month ago, LOL. But bi and mummy daddy and everyone advice me not to because i have no "gas" energy, haha. But i always admire saxophone, =/

 Captured this randomly last week, :D i was too bored alone in my room one day, so i was playing around with all my teddies :D

Teehee, ;)

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