I smiled (:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time flies, Im official twenty ! gosh, no longer with tens. Now begin with twenties >< S-O-B . Still a kiddo anyway (:

Some of you may have know my past stories, i even posted in my blog of my every year birthday. Dont wanna link it here, i cried for my 4 birthdays for the entire day. No joke, and those were all disasters. Therefore birthday is just another day for me and i even got phobia to it. So i did not put any hope nor expect anything. And i was thinking yesterday, past years i was still young with naive thinking, always expected alot on birthday, tot it could be like that like this, want to it be how and how .. After all the ups and downs, i clearly known 1 thing i want that on, i dont need big surprises or celebrations, i dont need amount of presents, i dont need 9 of march to be how special it could, cause all i want on the day is only a word, Happy (: You dont make me cry u dont make me sad, i dont mind if im staying at home the whole day long and receive texts, messages wishing me happy birthday, as long as im feeling happy and nothing bring me down, that's all i want for every year birthday (:


So yea, as usual, i woke up and attend class this morning. Off to hun's place after class (: He bought me to Secret Recipe to get me my fav cakes Cappucino cheese & raspberry cheese, (: then bought gummy bears & cookies from Famous Amos .

Thank hun for acheiving your promises (:

Off to dinner with BFF & GF at OU delicious.

Thank you darlings, (: One of my wish came true - Dinner on my birthday with my beloved bffs (:

Sharon left earlier around 930 and we left around 10 then mommy and sis gave me a lil surprise at home, that's what they do every year (: Mommy will never forget to get her child a birthday cake no matter how busy she is (: I remember there's the first yr she was working overseas on my birthday and i cried cause she wasnt there to celebrate with me. Haha .. Family is very important to me (:

Hello Kitty cake from Mummy :D How sweet is she (:

Card made by my two lovely sis (:

Present from GF Sharon (; Necklace, perfume & top .

Charles & Keith from BFF :D

Once again, thanks for all the wishes in Facebook, Twitter, sms and calls (: I appreciate alot.

There goes another day (: Nothing much special, but im feeling much happier than the other days (:

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