Water Place

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hi guys, a quick post before bed time. :) 

Went to celebrate Naima's birthday yesterday. Fyi, Naima is a guy. :) Had dinner at Delicious @ Duo Residency with Minmin, Weii & Keat. Nice Meeting Minmin, a very nice girl & alcoholic queen, haha that's what they called her. Down to Water Place @ Heritage Row after dinner. I personally dont like that place environment. Hmmm .. big cross. X 

Dint enjoy much cause we went in at 1130, & i gotta home at 12. So, enjoyed within that half an hour and one-shots alot with buddies. :) Was a great night tho. There's 8 of us. some came after i home. 

It's Naima (Ah Lok) on the top left. :) Pictures with Min Min ♥

Weii on the left & Keat on the right. Both trusted buddies :)

Xoxo Bell ♥ Goodnight guys :)

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