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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hi guys, im blogging :)

It's ghost festival, stay home peepo .. !!

Went for hair cut & treatment on last Saturday, with sister.

It's my first time doing treatment in salon, i never want to do treatment in salon simply because it's expensive! even just a normal treatment, it cost me up to $150 ++ for my super long hair. My sister was about to take a picture of the hair stylist cutting my hair, he actually squat down badly to cut. Hahaha, my hair is too long & the person whom dry my hair, complaint his hands are feeling tired & why the hell my hair is so long. Hahaha ..

I cut like 3inches, heart breaks. & Before that guy cut, he still wanna ask :" Are you sure that much?" and i replied :" YES, PLEASE CUT NOW, LIKE NOW! BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND". hahaha

Went shopping & Zanmai for dinner ..

Shopped at Farenheit88 .. bought two cloth costed $149.90 .. then went Cotton and spent another $122.90 . Great, -.-

<3 Cotton On. It's very casual style, simple & nice & affordable.

Hehe, my Cotton On Shoes :D Planning to get the black one next time. :) Their shoes are comfortable & nice and easy to match with clothes, especially if u like casual :)

My weekends are fine, body aint getting well. Going for body check up this week. Please pray im healthy. Sighs. Im worried, cant get a good sleep everynight.

Thanks YW :)

Aight, shall blog next day.

Bell ♥

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