Monday, August 08, 2011

Top - Zara , Bottom - ShenZhen

Hi guys, taking a lil break from assignment to keep my blog update here. :)

Nothing to busy on lately, only assignments but keep delaying to do =/ cause im seriously lazy i admit, plus i never like writing 2.5k essay regarding business. This coming weeks till end of next month i'll probably only die on assignments. It all ending very soon plus mostly about scripting and databases which im really sucky on it.

 Got myself a new lip balm again, i havent even finish my previous one and i keep buying, mom's gonna kill me if she ever open up my lil lip balm box. haha .. well, as friend recommended loccitane's, might getting one after savings :) cause it cost quite a big buck for me.

aight, getting back to my assignment now before i lye down to my bed.

Xoxo ..

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