Personal Beauty Make Up Workshop by Muse Art Make Up

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Good Morning, it's mid week and I hope everything is doing great for ya. 

Weather been super hot and then it rained like cat and dog till flood, then the next day sun shine so bright again. In this such uncertain crazy weather, it's sad to have proper full make up because it'll just get smudged in just mid of the day due to sweats. Best is always with light make up yet it doesn't make you look bad. But I'm born with pale face, so I have no choice that I must not miss the foundation and concealer and most importantly blusher to make it look more natural-naked look. 

I suppose that alot of girls do have trouble putting the thinnest lightest make up, is either you only put on your brows + mascara, or eye brows + eyeliner but... to actually have the thinnest natural eyeliner, you'll ended up with thick cat eye look. -.- 

Oh well, no worries on that. Because Muse Art Make Up is bringing the girls a beautiful personal beauty workshop in this coming week! Yes, this coming weekends :) 

They will be giving a workshop on soft, natural and long lasting make up

Personal Beauty Workshop by Muse Art MakeUp is sponsored by CLIO Professional & Peripera!

Date: 21 & 22 May 2016
Time: 10am - 1pm
*Workshop with snacks and drinks giveaways

Goodies bag will be granted with:
1. Clio Product
2. Jabra x Muse Art RM20 Voucher
3. Young2u Chloless Slim & Detox
4. Elianto Facial Mask
5. My Clinic RM20 Voucher

Can't wait! Check out their page Muse Art MakeUp for more information & registration! :) 

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