Please, bring him back to us. Please, lead him back to home.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hi guys, been abandoned my blog for 10 days. Was a lil busy with assignments & essays.

Gotta write essays every week, i'm fine with it. Assignments are soon to visit me. Only busy with 1 subject assignment now with some essay tasks.

My both eyes were hurt badly the past week, so i couldn't blog. My eyes were hurt since 2 months ago actually, but i din't bother till last week were so bad so hubby brought me to specialist & mc for few days.

Wasn't in the mood since Friday night, Sigh.

My baby ran out of house without noticed. Sigh, it's already Sunday now & still couldn't find him. Din't really had a good sleep for two nights, especially last night. Hubby went out for drinking session with his friends & he tried to drunk himself to not to think so much, but he couldn't. He called me middle of the night, he cried badly. He will never tear unless it's something serious. So i cried too, sigh. We were with Dongdong since the day he's born. We raised him, played together, sleep together, and everything. If you're in my fb/twitter you should have notice that i've posted so many about Dongdong these days. I'm holding back my tears now. I don't know what to say, we've been together for a year plus. Dongdong gave us alot of happiness & smiles. He even comforted me when i cried so badly infront of him, and he cried with me too. He might be annoying sometimes, but he's the best puppy ever.

Pls, if any of you found this pug, pls pls pls bring him back. He has wounds on his body, he needs our care. Not every of you could take care of him. None of you can give the love as we give him. None of you can accept his habits. Pls, bring him back, lead him back to us. We need him & so do him, pls.

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